My Two Weeks Of Motherhood

Just two weeks ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We named her Elsa. Being a mother is a beautiful feeling and you just want to give the best of everything to your baby. I wanted to make sure that Elsa gets the best comfort and care. The sleepless nights were difficult to handle the most. Last week my mother came to visit me and gifted me a baby bean bag. It was a ready to use product.

I remember, I too had a bean bag, but this one looked really different. This one had a tight pocket on the lower half and was slightly tilted downwards. I was a little insecure about positioning Elsa on top of it, formerly.

My experience

The day Elsa slept on the bean bag, to my bewilderment she slept for the first time, for good long four hours. Usually, I made her sleep on her rocking bed and she used to get up once in every two hours. She evidently seemed to love her new bed. She got up much placid and playful. After feeding her, I have now starting reposing her on the bean bag. Since, it is inclined; it helps her digest the milk quickly. I, no more make the attempt to make her burp.


It’s been 1 week since I’m using the baby bean bag and I have already recommended it to two of my pregnant friends. This is a sturdy product and I disinfect it every day with a cloth. I often place the bag in my garden where Elsa can see around while fully secured with the belt. Now she gets cranky on her rocking bed and prefers to lie down on her bean bag. This is by far the most useful product which has immensely helped me, providing comfort to my daughter.